Ibero-American Action League, a dual-language human services agency, ignites the potential of individuals and families to prosper and make the community stronger.
“More than 20 years ago if someone would have told me I’d be here today, I would have said “Don’t bet on it.” At the age of 16, I had a baby and was destined to be a high school dropout. IBERO provided me with the support I needed. Today, I am proud to say that I have a master’s degree in Health Administration, I’m the VP of Compliance, Quality and Addiction Services at Villa of Hope, and an IBERO board member.”

Angelica Perez

“My granddaughter is a thriving young child because of the time she spent at IBERO’S Early Childhood Center. Had it not been for the staff and their daily work with her, my granddaughter would have just been another statistic, and I can’t thank IBERO enough.” Rachel Hanks

“Without Ibero, I don’t know where I or my children would be.  My three sons started going to IBERO’S Early Childhood Center at the age of three. It helped them develop their social skills, reach their milestones, and gave them day-to-day structure and engagement with other kids and adults at a time when they really needed it.” Sametrius Brigham

Children and Family Stability Services

Our Early Childhood Center offers an award-winning program that serves as a national model. Recognized for promoting and maintaining a strong parent engagement rate (95 percent) and having the highest attendance rate among children under 5 in all of Monroe County. Staff work with both children and parents. Serves approximately 100 children and 95 families.

Youth Services

Evidence-based programs provide academic, social, and health support to students in 7th and 8th grades in the Rochester City School District and the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School. Programs aim to increase student attendace, improve academic performance, and provide the necessary support for growth and success.

Family Services

Provides seniors, families and parents with educational programs and workshops that improve their quality of life. Offers the only Latino senior center in Monroe County that serves as a home away from home. Through the center, seniors learn how to remain healthy while maintaining strong community connections.

Developmental Disabilities

Our bilingual and bicultural staff ensure that individuals have a high quality of life and that families are provided with the support they need to do the same. Individuals learn necessary life skills so they can live as independently as possible, when possible. Job training program takes place at our thrift store, Fashion Works, for individuals.

Year in Review

Record number of college scholarships for high school seniors

Number of job seekers we guide or place in a program or job per month

Children enrolled at our award-winning Early Childhood Center

Number of youth and families served by our Youth Services Division

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Walking the Red Carpet for a Good Cause!

Our scholarship recipients and their families are grateful for the financial college support they receive from our scholarship program, just as we are grateful to our partners and supporters.

Get ready for a spectacular gala on Saturday, June 9, 2018 as we celebrate 50 in 2018!  A winner from Dancing with the Stars will join us! Details coming soon! #50in2018

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