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SkyPort IT’s Coffee for Coats Initiative Combines Client Gift-Giving with Support for Two Charitable Causes:  Puerto Rican Refugees and Women in Recovery

December 11, 2017. Rochester, NY — SkyPort IT, a leading provider of fortified data security management services, is taking a new approach to gift-giving this year. Instead of giving the traditional box of chocolates, SkyPort IT is offering a $10 Coffee Connection gift certificate to its clients for every winter coat that they donate to the Ibero’s clothing drive for Puerto Rican refugees who are relocating to Rochester.

“With so many people in need this holiday season, we wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on our community by encouraging our clients to do the same, “ said Dan Marcellus, president and chief executive officer, SkyPort IT. “We were very concerned when we heard about the refugees who have come here with so little and we wanted to support the effort to help them acclimate to Rochester.”

SkyPort IT came up with the idea to organize a winter coat drive after hearing about Ibero’s call for winter clothing. “We were thrilled to hear that SkyPort IT wanted to help support this initiative,” said Patricia Cruz-Irving, director of Development and Communications, Ibero. “Their willingness to organize a coat drive and provide gifts for those that participate is quite generous and will make such a difference in the lives of people in need.”

Rather than give gift cards from a chain coffee shop, SkyPort IT will provide clients with gift certificates to the Coffee Connection, which imports Fair trade coffee from Peru and provides employment to women who are recovering from addiction and other traumatic events.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that SkyPort IT has chosen to support our organization this holiday season by making a generous purchase of gift certificates for their clients,”  said Joy Bergfalk, executive director, the Coffee Connection and Project Empower. “The financial support and exposure for our organization will help highlight and help the excellent work these women are doing to be self-sufficient and productive in the Rochester community.”

About Ibero

Ibero is a dual-language human services agency that serves individuals and families of all ethnic backgrounds and supports the Latino community in their work to build stronger families and greater self-sufficiency. For more information about the Ibero American League, visit:

About the Coffee Connection

The Coffee Connection empowers women in recovery from drug addiction, trauma, and homelessness, providing important skills for employment and education while supporting long term sustainable recovery. The two Coffee Connections locations in Rochester on Main Street and South Avenue provide desserts, light lunches and Peruvian coffee.  For more information about the Coffee Connection, visit:

About SkyPort IT, Inc.

SkyPort IT, Inc. specializes in industries that require a higher level of data security such as medical and government, by providing a multi-level, multi-layer and comprehensive approach to protecting sensitive data and information systems infrastructure.  For more information about SkyPort IT, visit: or call (585) 624-7210.

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