Diversity & Language Services

Ibero’s Diversity and Language Services serve to help organizations stay current in today’s multicultural world. The Cultural Competence Assessment and Training Program helps increase cultural competence among employees so they can work well across cultures. In particular, the training will explain the nuances of the multicultural world as it relates to the Hispanic/Latino culture.

Our experienced team provides real-world scenarios that demonstrate differences and similarities in the workplace and as they relate to healthcare, education and business and other fields. Our experienced translators will translate your documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English using the most common dialect in the region. We have received requests for translations of flyers to certificates, health documents, and a variety of other subject matter. We also provide interpreting services.

Spanish language classes are available for individuals and staff in order to increase cultural and linguistic competence within the organization or business. Our instructors work with individuals at all levels and cater classes to the general and specific needs of every student. We have also organized focus groups to assist local businesses and organizations determine if the services or products that they provide meet the needs of Latinos consumers. Ibero also conducts its own research to provide indicators of the Rochester market so we can help guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals